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Braking Resistor for DHL Euro HUB


January 2013

Braking Resistor for DHL Euro HUB
KnorrTec provides top-notch solution for tough new challenge
Energy generation and the use of surplus energy are major issues in the public consciousness. Engineers often need to come up with a highly specific solution that is tailored to a particular situation or device. One example of this is a plug-in braking resistor featuring overload protection designed for use on a Siemens G110D inverter that is used in parcel conveyor systems and other applications. KnorrTec, which specializes in the development of compact, application-specific solutions, has designed a braking resistor for a parcel conveyor system which is now operating in Leipzig. KnorrTec carried out the development work in partnership with Sit Steuerungstechnik which is based in Ettlingen (Baden).
Before continuing, it may be useful to briefly explain the key terminology. Inverters are used to control and regulate motor speed on variable speed drives. High acceleration rates and fast braking and stopping are common performance characteristics on parcel conveyors and similar systems. The braking energy needs to be dissipated. This can be done for example by converting the energy into heat using external braking resistors. Suitable solutions exist for large drives, but they are over-dimensioned for applications in the low-end of the power range. The task at hand in this specific instance was to come up with a solution for the Siemens G110D inverter.
Cutting-edge European air cargo hub
To start off with, it is worth taking a look at the larger picture. Operations at the DHL air cargo hub in Leipzig got underway in May 2008. From start to finish, construction of Europe’s most modern air cargo hub on 2 million square meters of wasteland between Leipzig and Halle was completed in less than three years, creating a new gateway to the world. A huge hangar and a gigantic warehouse were put up on the site, and even more importantly more than 3,500 new jobs were created. “The new plant in Leipzig/Halle is one of the most important elements in the DHL network: it forms one of the 3 intercontinental hubs alongside Hong Kong and Wilmington (Ohio, USA). Shipments arrive at the hub from the whole world, from where they are then forwarded via air or road to their destinations.” (The information just cited appears on the Sit website.) Germany’s largest distribution and sorting facility for parcels and documents with a maximum capacity of 96,000 units/hours was built on space equivalent to 5 football fields. The pivotal system at the hub operates 24/7, 365 days a year. The high-tech sorter cost roughly €70 million, and now that it is installed, the daily air cargo handling capacity at the facility is around 1,600 MT. Up to 60 aircraft can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously on the apron.
Sit supplies baggage handling system
To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important that the companies involved have a proven track record along with the expertise needed to provide solutions which are tailored to the concrete situation. Sit Steuerungstechnik, founded on April 1st 1971, is a company which matches that profile in the distribution and sorting system segment. Sit has installed conveyor, automation and electrical control equipment on material handling systems around the world for high-profile customers that are leaders in their respective markets. Sit concentrates mainly on baggage handling, logistics and automotive manufacturing systems, building service equipment, material flow computer/warehouse management systems, energy management and retrofit of existing systems. Tailored systems provided by Sit are currently in operation around the world at distribution centers, production facilities, car plants and airports. The company delivers services and holistic system solutions for the full spectrum of industrial automation. The portfolio includes analysis, engineering, energy optimization, software development, the supply of control cabinets, installation, commissioning and a hotline service.
Compact, low-cost solution from KnorrTec
Siemens M200D motor starters and Siemens G110D inverters were used on the project. In order to fully exploit the advantages of the Siemens inverter in the specific system environment, it was necessary to find a compact, low-cost solution to provide brake resistor functionality. KnorrTec has been a Siemens Solution Partner for a number of years and has already delivered solutions for similar projects. Franz Knorr, who owns the company, developed a compact, low-cost solution based on this requirements profile. The braking resistor has overload protection, can be plugged directly into the G110D inverter and is suitable for conveyor speeds in excess of 60m/min.
KnorrTec and in particular company owner Franz Knorr, and Electrical Engineer, has been working in this realm of technology since 2010. PTC was an obvious solution because it provides guaranteed overload protection. Also, high power can be handled in very tight spaces for short periods. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) resistance of materials means that they are better conductors of electricity at low temperatures than at higher temperatures. Electrical resistivity increases as the temperature rises. This prevents overload, excessive heating and destruction of the component. “Due to its compact design, this solution also takes up significantly less space than traditional braking resistors, which is another advantage, and it is less expensive,” explained Franz Knorr.
Once all testing had been successfully completed, the first braking resistors were sold in the autumn of 2011. The package sorter with Knorr Tec braking resistors installed is now running to everyone’s complete satisfaction.
Previous KnorrTec projects in this segment
KnorrTec has already demonstrated its expertise in solutions development on previous projects. Components engineered by KnorrTec deliver reliable service in the world’s largest underground baggage handling facility at the United Arab Emirates airport in Dubai and at similar facilities in Beijing and Incheon (Korea) as well as in car production and in numerous smaller projects. Some initial projects have now been completed in the US as well. KnorrTec intends to continue its ongoing engineering activities with the aim of becoming an established solutions provider in this segment.



braking resistor which plugs in to Siemens G110D  Inverter: Siemens G110D frequency inverter with KnorrTec braking resistor at DHL Euro HUB Leipzig. (Photo: Sit)
braking resistor which plugs in to Siemens G110D Inverter: Siemens G110D frequency inverter with KnorrTec braking resistor at DHL Euro HUB Leipzig. (Photo: Sit)





A new Siemens Solution Partner is introducing itself!!



Mai 2007

The Solution Partner Contract, closed at February 2007 only fixes a long co-operation, still practiced for many years.
With the module Distributed Field Installation System Siemens A&D extends the Solution Partner Program by certified partner products.

KnorrTec completes the Siemens product families ECOFAST, ET200pro, ET200X, G120D and MCU with its products according to ISO 23570.

Our certification as Siemens Solution Partner is a guarantee of high quality, when it comes to tailor-made solutions, that can meet the needs of the future in the areas of automation.

We look forward, to a successful co-operation with you as a new member of the win ³ league.

Distributed Field Installation System

Information to our Solution-Partnership please find here:
Information about Siemens-Solution-Partner-Program see here: SolutionPartnerProgramm

For further information about our products please refer to our Productcatalog.


Repeater Profibus DP

“Repeater Profibus DP” with ISO 23570-complient interfaces.
Currently we offer our Repeater in 5 versions:

Please see the datasheet for characteristics: Repeater Profibus DP ISO 23570


RPC L Linear repeater (no. 10016500)
RPC L S Linear repeater with back feed 1x24V (no. 10016510)
RPC L S+NS Linear repeater with back feed 2x24 V (no. 10016520)


RPC T T-functions (no. 10023700)
RPC Y Y-functions (no. 10023800)

Moreover the hybrid wall bushing is in project as a master- and slave-version.
Certainly we can offer you the applicable connection components.

You can also add adequate assembled cables to your order:
Part-no. 70000200 back feed supply line 2x24V
Part-no. 70000300 back feed supply line 1x24V
Part-no. 70000400 hybrid CU PB + 4x1,5 mm² PUR
Part-no. 70001500 hybrid CU eins. Sti PB + 4x1,5 mm² PUR
Part-no. 70001600 hybrid CU eins. Bu PB + 4x1,5 mm² PUR


For further information please refer to our catalogue .



International Trade Fair for Manufacturing Technology and Automation
We exhibit at the METAV Düsseldorf 2006, Hall 16, Booth F18 (in companionship with the VDW).
The subject of the joint VDW-showroom is the Distributed and standardised Installation technology for machine tools and manufactoring systems DESINA
DESINA is an abbreviation for DistributEd and StandardisedINstAllation technology for machine tools and manufacturing systems.
DESINA is a specification for standardising electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components and their interconnection on one common platform for CNC controlled machine tools and manufacturing systems.
As a system partner of the Siemens AG we complete the spectrum of the system supplier with our ISO 23570-compliant products.


DP/DP–Coupler for Profibus DP

DP/DP–Coupler for Profibus DP in 2 versions:
as a component with 2 or 4 ECOFAST hybrid connectors.

Basic data:
- Electrical functionality of the Siemens components 6ES7 158-0AD01-0XA0
- EMC-protected plastic frame in protection degree IP 65
- Suitable for wall mounting
- The devices meet the requirements of the Siemens system-solution ECOFAST
See web catalogue: DP/DP Coupler with 2 hybrid connectors
DP/DP Coupler with 4 hybrid connectors

For further information please refer to our catalogue.


D-Sub available from stock, immediately 9 -, 15 -, or 25-pins, pin or socket, in particularly developed housing,usable without any lost in space to next connector
Colour of housing: black (standard) or metallic (EMC version)
with cage clamp termination. Particularly suitable for on-site fabrication of cable assembles.
with integrated customized electronic circuit
particularly suitable for small -, or test series, as well as pilot lots for series production


We are represented on the DESINA VDW exhibiton co-operative stand
(in hall 13 stand D53) and show you some of our extensive spectrum
of DESINA conformal produkts.
DESINA describes the standardisation of the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic installation of automated machine tools and production systems and is member of the association of German Werkzeugmanschinenfabriken e.V. (VDW) . Please find further infomation to DESINA: www.desina.de

On the EMO Hannover, which admits in the professional world as meeting place of highest authority of offerers and exhibitors and is recognized, prove 2005 exhibitors from all world its efficiency and innovation strength once more. www.emo-hannover.de
Our exhibition emphasis will be the ECOFAST Add ON Produkts (ISO-DIS 23570)

You have the possibility to meet us personally.
Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Standard or EMC variant 9,1,5 or with 25-pins!

Product catalogue Download Datasheet (pdf)


For the connection of an external screen and up to 2 selecive screens (M25-M40, different clamping ranges possible!)

Protection class IP65 further informationen


In order to offer your customers the most comprehensive modular system possible, Siemens qualifies different providers of system-compliant devices and components as certified ECOFAST system partners.
KnorrTec was the first company to qualify for this challenging partnership.
A wide variety of modules, lines and test adapters round off our ECOFAST product pallet.
For more information on ECOFAST, point your browser to


German version in PDF format (approx. 1 MB)  
English version in PDF format (approx. 1 MB) 


For 24 V backfeed modules , we now offer a backfeed line with a nominal cross section of 2.5 mm².


Do you need an intermediate connection at the end of a drag chain for assembly reasons?
Perhaps you want to continue installation using a more cost-effective cable that is not draggable.
Or are you looking just to extend one cable?

With this module , all of these options are easily to implement and no assembly expense is involved!


The following products were confirmed as being DESINA-compliant in a letter from the VDW (association of German machine tool manufacturers) dated February 26, 2003:
Threaded adapters Han Brid and Han Q8/0 and Structure modules for Profibus networks

threaded adapter

Making easily connectable interfaces with preassembled threaded adapters.
An overview of the currently available models is found here.


Modules that assist you with this task are found here.

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